Mass Etiquette

Catholic Mass Handbook: Etiquette for today’s Catholic.

Getting the most out of Mass, pt. 2. There exists simple Mass etiquette that will hands down, guarantee you get the most out of worship. Just like anything else in life, there is a way to doing things so to yield maximum results. Holy Mass is no different. Going to Mass as a family can […]

Blogger Awards

Versatile Blogger Award: When you’re flagged for inspiring someone

What are these blogger awards all about? Nancy from “My Everyday Challenges” nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award citing, “you inspire me everyday and I am honored to call you friend.” Then shortly thereafter, Alaskan Airlines Flight Attendant, Girl on the Fly nominated me for the Mystery Blogger Award! Wow! Guys. I’ve been blogging […]

Catholic Mass Handbook

Catholic Mass Handbook: We don’t say that any more?

Getting the most out of Mass, pt 1. I attended a wonderful “Teaching Mass” recently, for the first time. It was truly eye-opening. As it enveloped, I looked around and felt immediately inspired to write a “Catholic Mass Handbook” series. Honestly, what I saw was a sea of perplexed faces just trying to make sense […]

A must or a bust?

Pinterest eCourses: Are they a must or a total bust?

My six month social media experiment update! Let’s jump right in. Pinterest eCourses are a definite must if you’re looking to boost your online Pinterest presence immediately. However, the jury is still out on the long term effect it’ll have on my blog traffic growth. On January 5th, I officially started my “Six Month Social […]

3 Common Blogging Mistakes New Bloggers Make

And how to correct them today so your blog can grow! You may be surprised to know, that there are three very common blogging mistakes that most are making right now. Three little errors that can actually prevent your blog from growing. And this is especially true if you’re new. But, the good news is […]