Feast or Famine

Pinterest eCourse: What can you expect month one?

Feast or Famine?

Last month I inaugurated my “Social Media Experiment“. I was to document a six month journey, following the coursework and guidance of Ell Duclus, Pinterest maven. Starting with her Pinterest eCourse, I was to share learnings along the way: the good, the bad and maybe even the ugly.

And, so what happened month one? In one word? Amazing!

I’ll be honest. January really just came and went. I was so overwhelmed with work, travel and a house-move that I was left with little time for blogging, learning or social media. And yet, I feel like a made some serious headway. I’m 25% done with her Pinterest course!

My Favorite Two Lessons

  • The importance of a proper business name that speaks to who you are, what you have to offer. It was in this moment that I was stumped by the Pinterest profile name cap of 30 characters; but, soon found the PERFECT WORK AROUND! Click here and read all about it!!! I blew past 30 and hit 65 characters!
  • Setting up boards that align with your niche. And where to get great ideas so that you’re not re-inventing the wheel; but, coming up with great creatives! The best “pro tip” Ell shares is all about how to create Pinterest board covers that shout “your brand.” Click here and see my example.

The Outcome

Ell does a great job in setting proper expectations, warning you that “your monthly Pinterest views is CONSTANTLY changing, so don’t stress it too much!” However, my first month outcome was AMAZING!

I started with around 500 views per month and today I’m at 2.7K!!! And while I can appreciate Ell’s cautionary advice and I’m no where near her 2.2M monthly viewers – I can’t help but get excited!!

Have you taken Ell’s Pinterest eCourse? Hit the comment section below and share your best, craziest Pinterest experience. And don’t forget to subscribe to my blog and follow my 6 month “Social Media Experiment” Journey!

Curious about the “backstory”? Click here

2 thoughts on “Pinterest eCourse: What can you expect month one?

  1. I’m so excited for your first month of progress! Seriously – your boards look amazing!!
    I took her course a little bit ago, and am going to retake it here soon. I’m in a blog plan phase right now, and all other platforms are kind of taking a back seat to that at the moment.

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