Mass Tell Me Why

Catholic Mass Handbook: Tell me why…

Getting the most out of Mass, pt. 3. “Tell me why…” a solid and confident question children often ask and yet it makes adults feel so very vulnerable. For me, it’s a natural segue into really understanding a subject, especially in the case of getting the most out of Mass. The more I ask, the […]

Mass Etiquette

Catholic Mass Handbook: Etiquette for today’s Catholic.

Getting the most out of Mass, pt. 2. There exists simple Mass etiquette that will hands down, guarantee you get the most out of worship. Just like anything else in life, there is a way to doing things so to yield maximum results. Holy Mass is no different. Going to Mass as a family can […]

Catholic Mass Handbook

Catholic Mass Handbook: We don’t say that any more?

Getting the most out of Mass, pt 1. I attended a wonderful “Teaching Mass” recently, for the first time. It was truly eye-opening. As it enveloped, I looked around and felt immediately inspired to write a “Catholic Mass Handbook” series. Honestly, what I saw was a sea of perplexed faces just trying to make sense […]