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Graceful-ish | Catholic Resource Guide

I’ve been blogging for a bit and realize that it’s about time I shared a Catholic resource guide with you. A sort of “one-stop shop” list of Godly tools I’ve…

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Coronavirus | A Godly Experience

Today there is much we don’t know about the Coronavirus. Is it really possible to have a Godly experience during such a dark period of time? I remember where I…

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Coronavirus | Remote Working and Thriving

Hundreds of thousands of people are seeking refuge from the devastating coronavirus. Most are isolated; many remote working. Is thriving possible today? Leading into this dreadful pandemic, remote working was…

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"Prayer unites us; it makes us brothers and sisters and reminds us of a beautiful truth which we sometimes forget."
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hello, I'm Grace
I am Grace and so happy you are here!
I'm a faith-based lifestyle girl boss blogger... what that means is that I have a real passion for blogging through a Christian lens.
I'm excited to have you follow the journey. I'll be sharing tips & tricks that will help you create the life you want and deserve.

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