A must or a bust?

Pinterest eCourses: Are they a must or a total bust?

My six month social media experiment update! Let’s jump right in. Pinterest eCourses are a definite must if you’re looking to boost your online Pinterest presence immediately. However, the jury is still out on the long term effect it’ll have on my blog traffic growth. On January 5th, I officially started my “Six Month Social […]

Feast or Famine

Pinterest eCourse: What can you expect month one?

Feast or Famine? Last month I inaugurated my “Social Media Experiment“. I was to document a six month journey, following the coursework and guidance of Ell Duclus, Pinterest maven. Starting with her Pinterest eCourse, I was to share learnings along the way: the good, the bad and maybe even the ugly. And, so what happened […]

Pinterest Profile Names

Pinterest Profile Name: How to blow past the 30 character limit

I was following along Lauren Duclos’ Master Pinterest Course when I suddenly found myself stumped on Step 3 “Display and Bio”. I couldn’t get more than 30 characters in my Pinterest Profile Name. How the world did Lauren do it?! This totally threw me for a loop and literally halted any progress I had made […]

Social Media Experiment

Interesting in Blogging for a Living? Let’s Try This 6 Month Social Media Experiment Together

What’s the worst that can happen? When I first “met” Lauren “Ell” Duclos from Twitter’s Boss Girl Bloggers, I was immediately struck by her business acumen. This no-nonsense girl boss was killing it on Pinterest, had successfully turned blogging into a full time career and was in her mid-twenties. I was impressed. But, what really […]