A must or a bust?

Pinterest eCourses: Are they a must or a total bust?

My six month social media experiment update!

Let’s jump right in. Pinterest eCourses are a definite must if you’re looking to boost your online Pinterest presence immediately. However, the jury is still out on the long term effect it’ll have on my blog traffic growth.

On January 5th, I officially started my “Six Month Social Media Experiment” and kicked it off with Boss Girl Bloggers‘ “Pinterest eCourse”. Am excited to report that I am finally done! And as promised, am sharing my review.

What I loved…

  • Financial investment – it is very inexpensive, cost was under $50. I did receive a free coupon code; however, would have gladly paid full price.
  • Time investment – took me 2 months given my work/life balance; but, this is easy enough to complete within a month’s time.
  • Tailwind deep dive was a game changer for me!
  • Bonus items – loved that Ell included “pro-tips” always a favorite of mine, pointers that almost guarantee success. Top pro-tip for this gal: “vertical over horizontal” pin guidance.

What I would change…

  • The pinning/re-pinning strategy section was very confusing at first. However, the great thing about Ell is that you can DM this Pinterest Maven and she answers right away!
  • Creating a profile name that exceeds the Pinterest 30 character limit wasn’t covered. I had to dig in laterally to find a work around. Good news is that it inspired a post. Click here for the 411 on that!
  • The lack of video teachable material. A must for the visual learner and let’s be honest, Ell would be a natural at this! 🙂

The bottom line…

I followed every piece of advice given in the eCourse and I went from 500 monthly views Jan. 5th to 11,500 March 14th to over 40,000 in May. And yes, you read that correctly – that was not a typo!

Boost Online Pinterest Presence

My Pinterest monthly views multiplied astronomically. However, my blog traffic continues to be pitifully low. I suspect this will just take patience and time. Increased pinning to 30-40 a day, should do the trick (if you think that sounds insane, Ell pins to the tune of about 75 per day).

May 27, 2019 – Don’t be alarmed if your monthly view go up or come down, mine do

Bottom line is that I would totally recommend this exact course! It was very easy to follow, took no time at all and the results were amazing. I journaled the entire process and will definitely continue referencing it.

Next stop…

I’ll be moving on to her monetization eCourse “Mastering Sales with Ell” that will highlight ways to make money blogging, e.g. brand collabs, affiliate marketing, etc. Click here for her services menu.

Have you taken any Pinterest eCourses? Tell me all about it the comment section below; I love hearing from you!

Stay tuned for more exciting updates to my “Six Month Social Media Experiment“.
Curious about the “backstory” to this journey? Click here.

8 thoughts on “Pinterest eCourses: Are they a must or a total bust?

  1. I’ve never actually considered taking a Pinterest eCourse, more because I thought that trial and error would lead me to the same conclusion eventually. However, the price of this course sounds very reasonable and it seems like it helped you in a lot of ways, so maybe I should consider it. What do you think? x

    1. Heck yeah Sarah!! I’m at 13,500 views today and I started with 500 in January! Totally worth it. And it’s so easy to follow. Recommend you journal along the way so that you can review your notes later. 🙂

  2. Thanks for your verdict. I’ve been considering purchasing a pinterest course for a while now. It’s just taking that step. I really want to get my head around using it!

  3. Amazing post! I’m in the middle of taking Ell’s course right now, and am realizing the pinterest route is more work than I thought! totally worth it though.

  4. Thanks so much for taking and reviewing the course! Glad you liked it overall! I always considered video, a huge reason why I keep it under $50 is because there isn’t video! Definitely something I’m considering in the future! Hope you continue to see growth (: I’d be lost without Pinterest!!!

    1. Lauren – you’re always so thoughtful about your audience!I’ll be your first fan to take any video course! 🙂 I loved your eCourse and would be lost without it and Pinterest too! Thanks for all your guidance!! Can’t wait to take your monetization one! Yay! BTW – used your “I’d be lost w/o Pinterest” in a “Tweet out” moment 😀

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