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Pinterest Profile Name: How to blow past the 30 character limit

I was following along Lauren Duclos’ Master Pinterest Course when I suddenly found myself stumped on Step 3 “Display and Bio”. I couldn’t get more than 30 characters in my Pinterest Profile Name. How the world did Lauren do it?!

This totally threw me for a loop and literally halted any progress I had made with her course earlier that day. I Googled the hell out of this topic and hit quite a few walls – mostly, bloggers who eluded they could share the answer; in other words, requiring you signing up for their Pinterest class. No thanks.

Sure, I could of just DM’d Ell and asked her; but, that would of been just too easy. The Taurus kinesthetic learner kicked in. Stubborn me put on my investigator hat and hit the internet for a few hours. 

Pinterest Profile Name

Meanwhile, you would of thought this was Pinterest top secret sauce. How would I ever create a SEO provocative Pinterest profile name if I was limited to just 30 characters?

Then, eureka! Firstly, I found the answer in the palm of my hand and secondly, I couldn’t believe how simple this was! Three easy steps for getting what you want!

STEP 1 – Download the Pinterest app on your phone

STEP 2 – Log in to your account

STEP 3 – Edit your profile name AND use up to 65 characters!

And voilà you’re on your way to creating a long, keyword rich profile name!

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Curious about the “backstory”? Click here.

12 thoughts on “Pinterest Profile Name: How to blow past the 30 character limit

    1. Most welcome!! Please do follow my social media experiment… am taking this great Pinterest course. Totally recommend it thus far! 🙂

    1. Hey there Andrew! I took a peek into your blog and LOVE IT !! If you haven’t taken a Pinterest course – I totally recommend Lauren’s. It’s great on so many levels. I’ll be following all her tips and tricks for the next 6 months. Sub to this blog and stay up on that journey 🙂

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