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Disclaimer: This post contains some affiliate links. This means that I’ll be providing some recommendations that I feel great about. Selecting those will not cost you a penny more, just helps fund my dreams. This is also not a paid advertisement or review; only represents my opinion 100%. 

Am I the only Amazon Prime geek out there? 

I am totally obsessed with everything and anything that is Amazon related. I can hardly believe it; but, I’ve been an Amazon Prime member for almost 10 years now! 

And it’s not the just the free shipping that I am so thankful for.  The endless selection of products: movies, music, jewelry and books is seriously staggering. You name it – they have it. I even order my groceries online!

Stream, shop and read all day long! That’s me! I’m literally hooked on their original content. “Man in the High Castle” and all I can say is O M Gosh!! If you are a history buff wondering what would of happened had Germany and Japan won WW2 – this is the show for you!

And, each month, as a Prime Member book enthusiast I can download one of six editors’ picks for freeโ€”before the official publication date. I can even stay on top of top music, order groceries. The options are limitless!

Amazon is the epitome of true “no hassle one-stop shopping.” Everything delivered right to your doorstep and fast, free delivery on over 100 million items!

No hidden fees and with the option to pay an annual membership or be billed monthly.  But, don’t take my word for it – try it for FREE and just in time for all your Christmas shopping!

Which brings me to today. There are so many great “Black Friday” deals popping up, I thought I would share some of my favorites!

Staying connected virtually with loved ones or how easily we access a cloud-based service (Alexa) to manage our TV options is a thing now! It’s like a flashback episode from the Jetsons. Too funny!

For a limited time, these offers really caught my eye! I immediately thought of my youngest – one in college, the other in high school. I even found a special offer for me and my mom!

There is something for everyone this year! So many options today!

Fire TV options! Cube or Stick?

Definitely thinking “Audible” for my mom – she’s a senior with an insatiable book obsession!

I love the Fire TV Stick. Isabella can even take her TV viewing pleasures any where! And the voice command remote – wow – will make her feel so empowered! What do you think is the best option for us? Fire TV Stick or Cube?

With the “Echo Spot,” Max and I can keep in touch while he’s away at school. No promises; but, I’ll try not to bother him on a Friday night! I know I will  love connecting with Alexa and asking her to play music, read the news, answer questions, set music alarms, and so much more. I’ll be dancing in the kitchen while I cook those great holiday meals!

(Have you noticed, Alexa will be at our beck and call regardless what options I go with? Hysterical!)

And don’t tell Max, but I’ll probably set him up with a his own Amazon Prime Student account! He’s such a great kid – really deserves it! He will get special college deals & exclusive promotions. I’ll be able to send his new dorm stuff for free – my heart breaks to know he’ll be leaving in January! It was so nice having him home the first semester!

So another year goes by and thanks to Amazon, I can avoid the holiday mall messiness, crazy parking and shop from home! 

Let me know if you’re an Amazon Prime fan too. Have you heard about Amazon Key Service: leaving packages inside? What do you think about that?

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    1. Phew – me too! Have you tried the grocery delivery – limited selection but can get you out of a quick pickle, e.g. had a cold, didn’t want to leave the house for meds – got them delivered in a couple of hours ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. No- you are not alone! I haven’t purchased a Christmas gift in a store in 9 years!!!! Once I had kids, it’s Amazon all the way baby! I finally started leaving a little Christmas cash for our poor mailman- I feel bad for him having to lug so many packages to my house! LOL!

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