Book Review Partnerships

To all authors, publishers, agents or anyone who would like me to review their work, my “Book Review Policy” is pretty straight forward.

But, before we dig in… thank you for stopping by my blog and considering my input on your work! I appreciate your vulnerability!

Let me reassure you that my reviews will be my most honest experience, opinion of the book. I will be completely unbiased – regardless what your content is (would prefer not to receive erotica). I’ll treat your work as if it were my very own.

Book Review Process

I will accept paperback, hardcover; but, prefer e-book version, Google doc or PDF. My book review will offer insight to the book as well as highlight a bit about the author.

Unless directed to otherwise, I will include pictures of both your book and yourself. My reviews will be posted on my blog, Amazon, and occasionally on other platforms I may collaborate on

The Standard DNF Policy

“In the event I happen not to finish a book (DNF), a brief review will only be posted on Amazon and not my blog.” I can’t imagine why this could happen; but, know that I am an honest person and if this situation presents itself, I may have to. Just know that I will always try my best to finish your work.

Sample Reviews

I’m new at this book review thing doesn’t mean you shouldn’t send me your work. Here are a few reviews I’ve done, all unpaid and completely unbiased:

“Every Sacred Sunday, Catholic Mass Journal

Choosing Me: Love Letters from a Poet, Volume 1″

I have also done a few reviews on my YouTube Channel. Here is my one, an update to a last year’s un-boxing of “Every Sacred Sunday, Catholic Mass Journal.

Thanks again for stopping by! Feel free to send me your questions to:

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