Blogger Fun Fact: You are literally one in a million

Blogger Fact or Fiction – You Be the Judge

Did you know that there are an estimated 30 million bloggers in the US alone?!

According to online stat tracker Statista, this number is expected to continue it’s upward trend to approximately 32 million by 2020! Holy guacamole!

But, don’t get discouraged! Compare those numbers to the odds of winning the lottery, one in 292.2 million per a January article on And honestly, I think I like the odds of being a successful blogger over those of winning the lottery.

Check out Internet Live Stats for the play-by-play. You’ll be amazed by the sheer volume of internet activity out there.

Bottom line is that there is still a spot for you and me out there. We form part of an important tribe changing the world. And that is a blogger fact that warms my heart!

We are part of one big happy and hardworking virtual family, churning passions into self-sustainable blogging careers.

So, when did you start blogging? Do you remember your first virtual friends? I certainly do: Heidi, Nancy, Lauren, Lasonia…. Women I admire and am still in contact today.

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    1. What’s even crazier Nicola is that we can still make a buck or two 🙂

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