50 Prayer Journal Prompts

Prayer Journal Prompts for the Modern Day Christian

Journaling is a productive way of putting thoughts into motion. And journal prompts are that nudge you may be needing to dig deep. Or perhaps, you’re facing some temporary writer’s block.

Either way – you’ve landed on the write post, friend!

And by the end of this read, I guarantee you’ll feel inspired to begin documenting your conversations with God almost immediately. Once you get started, you’ll quickly understand the true benefit. You won’t be able to put that pen down.

Because any form of prayer draws us closer to God. Whether we speak or jot our prayers down, our relationship with Him grows.

Here are 30 prayer journal prompts to get you started today!

Letters to God

  1. Start your prayer journal with a love letter to our Heavenly Father.
  2. Write a letter of thanks, praise for the wonderful accomplishments in your life.
  3. Write a commitment letter to God promising to overcome some area of your life that challenges you: daily Rosary, Bible reading, acts of service/charity. Come up with a plan, baby steps to achieve your goal.
  4. Write a detailed letter to God thanking him for knowing who you are. You are the child of a King.
  5. And how about writing a letter of praise to God? When was the last time you spoke to God only to tell Him wonderful things about Himself? Praise His creations? His word?

Eyes Wide Open

  1. What are some simple things about our lives that we take for granted: being able to breathe on our own, see a beautiful sunrise, hear a lovely melody, just to name a few.
  2. Talk to God about that pivotal moment in your life when you came back to Him
  3. Write about those times where you literally saw Him at work.
  4. Talk to Him about those people in your life that you admire. What are those Godly qualities that you aspire to have?
  5. Tell God about those people that you see Him reflected in.

Christian Life

  1. Think of your favorite scripture and write about how you can relate to it personally. Re-write the scripture in your own words back to God.
  2. Each Sunday after Mass or your service of choice, write about the experience. How did you feel, sitting in that pew? How did the readings speak to you?
  3. Talk to God about your discernment. Your purpose.
  4. Write about what it means to be the face of Christ on Earth today. How is it different than perhaps 20 years ago?
  5. Write about Christian parenting. From either a child’s perspective or parent’s.

Asking for Help

  1. Leave it at the cross. Bring that “thing” that really bogs you down. Write about it extensively. The history. How it makes you feel. Then acknowledge that God is your pilot. Leave it in His hands and forget about it.
  2. Ask God to help strengthen your marriage, your relationships. Ask Him to guide you, fill you with the Holy Spirit. Be specific. What is it you need more help with? Patience? Trust?
  3. Tell God what you are afraid of.
  4. Think about any important tasks or decisions that are coming up. Write them down and offer them up to God for guidance.
  5. Living a Godly life 24/7 is not easy. If it was, everyone would be doing it. List out all that you do to live His way. Ask God for strength and guidance.

Specific Prayers

  1. Write a prayer over someone that you love. A “just because” prayer.
  2. Then write a prayer for someone close to you that needs healing, spiritual or otherwise.
  3. Write a prayer for unborn children and their mothers.
  4. Write a prayer for non-believers.
  5. Parents, write a prayer over your children. Children, write a prayer over your parents.
  6. Pray over someone you struggle to get along with. Maybe someone who just “rubs you the wrong way”. You don’t understand why you feel that way, you just know you shouldn’t.
  7. Write a prayer over strangers in a far away land. Perhaps a people you’ve read about recently in the news. A country struggling with poverty? Injustice?
  8. And how about writing a prayer for our world leaders? How would you pray over our President?
  9. Contact your church and ask for access to the prayer list.
  10. Add a “Prayer Warrior” aspect to your blog. like me. Invite others to ask for prayers. Then lift up those special intentions.

I would so love to hear about your prayer journaling experience. How do you put God first in your life? Do share in the comments below.

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