Tired of Being Alone? Fight Back!

Free dating advice that is both Godly and practical.

Disclaimer: This post contains some affiliate links. This means that I’ll be providing some recommendations that I feel great about. Selecting those will not cost you a penny more, just helps fund my dreams. This is also not a paid advertisement or review; only represents my opinion 100%.

Can we be honest for a second? Dating stinks, at any age. And this is especially true during the holidays.

We are constantly bombarded with love imagery and are reminded of our alone-ness. Galentine’s Day doesn’t really help here. This is just an added reminder that we are without that other half. By the way, “hanging out with the girls on any particular day” already has a name: Girls Night Out.

But, don’t feel blue. Fight back! Turn that frown upside down and let’s help you find your person.

If you are a Christian looking to find liked-minded people – you have landed on the right post! Dating a believer should be a priority! Believe me when I say that life is a lot easier when you’re both coming from the same place.

Here are two great options that I believe will definitely increase the odds of this being your last Valentine’s Day alone. Unless of course, you like being alone. There is nothing wrong with that!

Option 1: God’s House

What better place to find your other half than at church? Now, don’t get all distracted during Mass/Service. Just be aware of your surroundings while you’re paying attention to God’s word. And don’t be shy. Attend church functions; join church ministries.

Bottom line is that you need to get your butt back to His house. After all, it’s a win -win. First, you get closer to God. Yay you! Second, you’ve just increased the odds of finding a like-minded soul. Double yay you!

And your mother was right, you’re not going to find a nice young man or woman at a bar. Of course, I realize that there are exceptions to that rule. But, how has that worked for you so far? Speaking personally – I give it a big thumbs down.

Option 2: Dating Websites

That’s right – I’m advocating using dating websites. But, wait a minute. I’m talking Godly dating websites. Can I get an AMEN?!

Finally, a place where believers are matched with believers and not a hodgepodge of folks standing on the Godly sidelines trying to figure out if there is a Heaven or not. Can I get another AMEN?!

No offense; but, I don’t date someone who doesn’t believe in God. And to be 100% honest there was a time in my dating life when I couldn’t find a believer in sight. I just wanted to date someone who believed in something, anything. Can you relate?

Fast forward to today. I have Godly options and I couldn’t be happier. After all, having God in common is a great start for any couple. And, the top two websites that come to mind are: CatholicMatch and Christian Cafe.

Join CatholicMatch for free!

CatholicMatch is the most recognized and leading website for singles in the Catholic market (United States and abroad).” Operating since 1999, CatholicMatch offers single Catholics a two-fold option: grow in faith and fall in love. All under the guise of an environment focused on the values that we believe make for a successful marriage.

And what’s especially neat about this dating service is they advertise to two growing demographics: Hispanics and 50+ dating options. Once you log on, you make your primary selections based on where you live: Texas, Brazil, Mexico. After that, you choose your demographic of choice.

CatholicMatch.com-senior success                CatholicMatch.com-Hispanic

Bottom line is that the common denominator is “faith focused dating”. But, don’t take my word for it, find inspiration in these wonderful, relatable success stories by clicking here. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Discover why Single Catholics all over the world have joined CatholicMatch to search for the one God has planned for them.


Then there is Christian Cafe with so many English-speaking members worldwide: from the United States to the UK, Australia and New Zealand. You can be matched with someone living in your city or abroad, your choice entirely! Who said Christians aren’t daring?!

And they boast to have over 25,000 marriages since inaugerating in 1999. Curious that both CatholicMatch and Christian Cafe launched the same year. Looks like good news travels in good company.

Give Christian Cafe a whirl for free, no obligations, for 7 days! But, click here to find out how you can get an extra 3 days for free! Your Valentine is waiting for you.

I know. It can be a little overwhelming. But, don’t worry. If it’s been a while, click here for more great Christian dating tips. What is your best tip? Hit the comment section below and share away. I love hearing from you!


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