Ageless Living: Birthday Manifesto 2017

Grace under construction: discovering ageless living and loving it!

This goddess no longer ages. And no, I didn’t find the Fountain of Youth, I changed my mindset. Say hello to Grace under construction: ageless living.

Yes, getting older is inevitable; however, aging is optional. It’s all about where you focus your attention: the accumulating birthday years or what happens in between. This was to be the most valuable lesson I was to learn this year.

As I approached the half-century mark, I quickly realized the negativity brewing in me. I looked into the mirror and the woman staring back wasn’t the same person I felt I was inside. Where did that girl go? Who was that lady?

Hard to explain to friends and family, I set on a quest to understand how this otherwise optimistic gal had fallen prey to scrutinizing every wrinkle, sag, change. Sure I look younger than my age; but, that wasn’t a consolation prize I was interested in. I didn’t feel ageless.

I came across a wonderful read, “Goddesses Never Age,” by Christiane Northrup. And it spoke to me: ageless living celebrating accomplishments and dismissing the number of candles on a cake. So relatable!

The “milestone” traditional birthday can quickly become a “millstone” in our culture if you’re not careful. It says you’re running out of time. Ridiculous!

Ageless Living

Embrace ageless living and you’ll feel the goddess in you fired up! Don’t let anybody co-author “Who You Are” based on a simple number and related social expectations.

On May 10th, I celebrate accomplishments of the past year and my worth, not just the number. I’m age agnostic and a rebel. So says a goddess who no longer ages.

The best is yet to come.

Curious about how this ageless goddess is progressing? Click here and see follow the journey. What do you think about my “Birthday Manifesto”? Share your comments below; I love hearing from you!


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