Ageless Living: Birthday Manifesto 2018

Grace under construction: focused on the journey not the years!

On the cusp of a significant birthday, I came across a wonderful book that opened my eyes to the possibility of ageless living. I quickly realized that I was too focused on the birthday years and less on the journey that got me there year over year. And so in May of 2017, I published my first “Birthday Manifesto.”

Today, a year later, nothing has changed. I don’t count the candles on the proverbial birthday cake; I count my blessings and the accomplishments that carry me from one year to the next. And wow! Just when I think I can’t possibly top the previous year… voilá, I do!

Ageless Living Manifesto

This girl, this mom ran The Lake Placid Half-marathon, got a few new tats, became a Hulugan, survived a Tough Mudder and found her way back to God!

My children are wonderful, the family is great and I even made some new friends along the way.

My life is truly blessed. I look and feel younger than ever.

And how old am I? Who knows. Who cares. I’ve been here for a while. But one day, you’ll forget just how old I am… and so will I because goddesses never age.

The best is yet to come.

What do you think about my “ageless living” approach to life? Do share your thoughts – I love hearing from you!


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