Daily Hugs Are Critical to Our Growth

Fun Fact: Your hugs could save a life!

This may seem silly to you. That something as simple as a hug could save a life.

And yet there is reliable data out there that confirms the importance of human touch to our success, our evolution.

Fun Fact – Hugs Critical to Our Psyche

“We need 4 hugs a day for survival… 8 hugs a day for maintenance. We need 12 hugs a day for growth.”

Virginia Satir, family therapist

This is an uber tech friendly era that supports isolated social media participation. Our existence revolves around virtual interaction that is quite solitary in nature.

Touch is a necessary element and critical for human communication, bonding and overall health. Humans weren’t mean to thrive alone.

And yet, today we walk with our heads down, quickly scrolling through our phones and completely unaware of our surroundings. As if we were completely alone.

The lack of affection we currently experience can have serious consequences long term.

Ultimately, functioning without touch can lead to a sense of skin hunger or touch deprivation which can lead to loneliness, which can lead to depression.

It’s really that simple. We all need to touch and be touched.

Share Hugs Plan

When I first read Virginia Satir’s comment I did an immediate personal/mental inventory of sorts. It sounded so ridiculous and at the same time made perfect sense.

And what I found was that I was definitely feeling some type of touch deprivation. I grew up in an affectionate home. As a result, physical touch is one of my love languages.

As a single professional woman and mother, I can honestly say that it’s a challenge. Two of my three children do not live at home. I’m unmarried. So, where am I to get 12 hugs a day.

Can you relate?

Is why I knew I needed to find a solution and fast!

Similar to my Fast Lane to Weight Loss post – my business sense kicked in. I knew I had to devise a plan. Make it a point to daily countdown 12 hugs.

Fast forward to today and I’ve incorporated “hugging” into my leadership office philosophy. And I’m happy to say that it’s caught on!

There are now a pocket of leaders at my current company who are known now for greeting with a hug. We’re spreading the word on the importance of human touch in our survival.

Of course, to be successful I recommend total self-awareness.

  • Understand your audience and environment.
  • Be sensitive of personal space.
  • For the work space, consult your employee handbook.

Take a moment and count how many hugs you’ve had today. When was the last time you hugged someone?

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  1. This is so necessary! There was a group of college kids (young adults) doing an experiment by wearing signs that said “Free Hugs” and visiting public places to see how many hugs they would actually get. My daughter thought I was insane for hugging them. It’s amazing the perception we have placed on society about contact with anyone different or strange
    —some good, some bad.

    1. Yeah – totally relatable! I grew up in an affectionate home and now — well, I’m hugs deficient is why I started to look into this. I literally count the hugs I get each day! LOL. It’s 11 am cst and I’ve gotten 4!!! Only 4 more to go for the bare minimum reach! LOL 🙂 Happy Friday love!

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