Find Your Best You

Find Your Best Self Today

Finding your best you can be a challenge and I can totally relate!

Society puts so much pressure on us to be “on point” 24/7 – be your best self all day, every day. Which is just ridiculous, if you ask me.

Some of us are just trying to survive, keep afloat. We’re juggling work, family, kids, health, bills, dreams, goals. And all with a big smile.

I can totally relate!

Is why I know you don’t need a road-map to you. You already have the answers to that question.

We’re just so busy caught up in our day to day that we forget our way back to who we are. So, yes – we already know who our best self is. We just need some reminding of how to get there.

And maybe it’s not an everyday thing. But, often enough to make us smile when life hands us some lemons.

Disclaimer: I want to stress that I am not a psychiatrist, psychologist or any other medical -ist. You may want to consult a licensed professional if you truly feel deeply unhappy, unmotivated, depressed and the like.

These 50 questions are designed to help you get back to that great place, your best self! Tap into them as often as you see fit. No pressure.

Hello Best Self

  1. What do I love about my life?
  2. What do I feel like my life is missing and how can I get more of what I need?
  3. Where do I want to be in 5 years?
  4. Who are the people in my life that make me the happiest?
  5. When am I the happiest version of me?
  6. What do I love doing?
  7. What am I afraid to do?
  8. Can I improve on any of my daily habits?
  9. What steps am I taking to reach my goals?
  10. What makes me upset?
  11. How can I add to my happiness?
  12. What areas of my life can I improve in?
  13. What are 5 things I love about myself?
  14. Am I doing all that I can to reach my goals?
  15. What are 3 negative mindsets I need to let go of?
  16. What will I accomplish next year?
  17. How can I improve my daily routines?
  18. What is one piece of advice I’d give my future self?
  19. How can I love myself more daily?
  20. What can I do to practice more self care throughout the week?
  21. If I could be anything in the world, what would I be?
  22. What are 5 things that make me smile?
  23. What steps can I take to be the most confident version of myself?
  24. How can I show others more love and compassion each day?
  25. Who makes me the happiest?
  26. What is my number one goal for next year?
  27. If I could relive one moment what would it be?
  28. If I could time travel where would I go?
  29. How would I describe a perfect day?
  30. If I could travel anywhere in the world, where would I go?
  31. How would I describe my ideal life?
  32. What is most important to me?
  33. If I would describe myself, what would I say?
  34. If my friends were to describe me, what would they say?
  35. How can I create more positive habits?
  36. What are 3 things I need to stop doing?
  37. What are 3 positive things I should start doing?
  38. What’s on my mind right now?
  39. What are the top 25 things on my bucket list?
  40. When was the last time I laughed until I cried?
  41. What are 3 things I need to do more of?
  42. Do I need to forgive myself for something?
  43. What am I leaving in the past?
  44. What do I want to take with me into the future?
  45. Is there something I need to change that might be holding me back?
  46. What am I grateful for?
  47. What do I need more of?
  48. Who inspires me the most and why?
  49. What are my top priorities?
  50. What are my goals for next month?

A huge shout-out to someone that I really look up to: Lauren Duclos. She’s a young woman, old soul and totally inspiring. If you’re not following her on all social platforms…. well, you’re missing out.

Her post “50 Questions to Find Your Best Self” encouraged me to write two other articles. Those 50 simple questions really made me dig deep.

I would love to hear if this resonates with you or am I completely off base? Leave me a comment below.

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