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Blogger Spotlight: Meet Stephanie 

On the tenth day of Blogmas
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Today I’m excited to feature, Stephanie from @aredhairgirl. One word that describes her and her blog: honest. Enjoy!

6 Christmas Children Books You Need to Read

Hello there! I’m Stephanie from A Red Hair Girl. I am very excited to be able to share Blogmas with you all. A huge THANKS to Prayer and Passport for doing a guest blog swap with me.

Just a quick bit about me… 

I am a mama to 4 kiddos: Mr. E, age 6; Miss L, age 4; Miss S, age 3; and Miss N, age 11 months. My hubby and I have been married for 10 years. We live in Utah, born and raised there. I taught first grade for 9 years. Now I stay at home with my babies. Growing up I was diagnosed with ADD. As an adult I still have ADD but also have depression and anxiety. I started my blog as a way to help give me an outlet and to be honest about my mental health issues. I hope to be able to help anyone struggling.

On my lifestyle blog I write about family, education, traveling, mental health, and the occasional random. Who doesn’t love random, right?

Reading is a huge love for me. It is so easy for me to get into a book that everything else gets forgotten. I have been known to read a book in a day a time or two. Are there any other book lovers out there?

First, I’m going to put a plug in for reading DAILY with your kiddos. It is so very important. Reading comes in all forms; listening to reading, reading out loud, reading in your head, looking at pictures. It is all important.

Children who start school with hours of book time have an easier time continuing their progression with reading. So please try to read daily with your kids. There are days that we don’t read but most of the time we can be found reading at some point in the day.

I participated in Blogtober on my blog this year. Each week I did a post on Halloween children books that I loved. So I thought it would be fun to showcase some Christmas children books. Let’s get this party started!

This darling board book by Nola Buck and Felicia Bond is perfect for little ones. Christmas in the Manger talks about the star, some of the animals, and people around for the birth of Jesus.

The pictures are simple and great for little ones to look at. The book is small enough to fit into a diaper bag, making it great for on the go.

Christmas Parade

Who doesn’t love Sandra Boynton books? This cute book, Christmas Parade, is about animals on a Christmas parade.

Her pictures are bright and bold. This book is fun to read and get the kiddos involved in some of the reading. So go grab this book and have a blast with this fun Christmas parade.

Christmas in the Manger

This darling board book by Nola Buck and Felicia Bond is perfect for little ones. Christmas in the Manger talks about the star, some of the animals, and people around for the birth of Jesus.
The pictures are simple and great for little ones to look at. The book is small enough to fit into a diaper bag, making it great for on the go.

There Was a Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow

Do you remember There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly? Did you know that Lucille Colandro wrote many more versions of this story? Well she did, with the help of Jared Lee illustrating them. In this book, There Was A Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow, she not only swallows snow but also a pipe, coal, and a scarf, just to name a few. You’ll need to read it to see everything else she swallowed.

If You Take a Mouse to The Movies

This amazing author and illustrator combo, Laura Numeroff and Felicia Bond, have done it again with this Christmas mouse version. This book is set in winter and of course starts out with the boy and the mouse at the movie theater. Some of the other places they go and do are: building a snowman, having a snowball fight, listening to Christmas carols at home, making ornaments, and of course some popcorn stringing.

Christmas in the Barn

In Christmas in the Barn by Margaret Wise Brown (illustrated by Caldecott Honor; Diane Goode) we find out what magical thing was happening in an ancient barn.

You can read about the animals, the star, and the people that came to the barn and why they came. The pictures are delightful to look at. The words read in a poetic way, almost song like.

Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree

This super sweet book was given to us last year by Grandma Robbins. The pictures in Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree, by Robert Barry, are wonderful.  Mr. Willowby lives in a big house. He gets a huge tree but the top touches the ceiling and bends over. So his butler chops off the top and gives it to Miss Adelaide, the upstairs maid. When she goes to put it up the top it too tall so she chops off the top and puts it in the trash. Then someone else finds it and it keeps going until just a teeny tiny tip of the tree is being used for a tree. This is such a fun book to read read out loud. It never got put away with the rest of the holiday books.

What are some of your favorite Christmas and holiday books? Do you have any traditions you do with your books each year?

For the last few years I always plan on wrapping up 25 books. They can be new books that your children haven’t seen yet, or books you have read many times.  The idea is to open one book each day and read it together, starting on December 1st. We were out of town and I wasn’t on the ball so maybe next year I will actually do it. 😉

Here are some ideas to make this easy and practicable:

  • wrap books when you are putting decorations away so they will be ready for the following year
  • have your kids help you wrap at the end of the holiday season for next year, they may forget what books they wrapped
  • look for holiday books on sale after the holidays for the following year
  • go to the library to check out books (plan to use those ones first so they can have a longer time with them before they need to be returned)
  • you can do the 12 days of books instead of 25 days
  • I love holiday jammies! I try to get them after the holidays on sale and wait for next year. You can start your book a day with jammies and a book.

I hope you enjoy some of these amazing holiday books as much as I do. If you need more holiday book suggestions then head here to find another list of books I recommend.

Happy holiday reading my friends!!



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Happy Holidays, Happy Blogmas!

Don’t you just love those books? Any ones bring back special memories? Leave me a comment or two, I love hearing from you!

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