25 Days of Blogmas 2018, Day 17

Holiday Travel Tips

Day 17 and our “25 Days of Blogmas” song is almost complete! Did you know that you can hover over the highlighted text/days below and get right to a specific Blogmas post? My favorite ones are the Blogger Spotlight, All Things Advent and New Years Resolutions. Check out my intro post “Blogmas 2018 Has Arrived” and get the skinny on this wonderful blogger trend!

On the seventeenth day of Blogmas
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Day 17: Tips to Holiday Travel
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For 25 Days of Blogmas, Day 3 I wrote about my top 5 Christmassy hot spots to visit during the holidays. This was definitely one of my favorite posts as I was quickly transported to some of the top locations to visit. Ahh… Bethlehem, West Bank. Could there be anything more à propos at Christmas.

Are you traveling during the holidays like me? It can be rough. The roads, the airports, the train stations, oh my! Here are my 5 favorite tips to not just surviving holiday travel; but, actually making it work for you!

Tip 1 – Clean Linens

That right! Wash your sheets before you leave for your next trip. There is nothing quite like the feeling of getting back home and climbing into your own bed. And what could be more perfect than raising those sheets up to your chin and the smell of fresh, clean linens!? Absolutely nothing after a week’s stay in random hotel x.

Tip 2 – Clean House

Kind of goes hand in hand with “Tip 1” and would seem obvious, if you’re like me or @redheadedbelle1. (The Red Headed Belle Blog)I just like coming home to a clean house. If I walk in and see dishes in the sink or a pile of laundry laying on my bed (probably left from the quick cycle I did for whatever I needed to pack) I get so irritated with myself,” she shared. And I couldn’t agree more! Mostly, because I can relate! Drives me nuts, leave the kitchen clean, come back to dishes in the sink. Can I get an AMEN!?

Tip 3 – House Scents

Tip 4 – Limit the Itinerary

Some of my favorite memories were made when I “went off the beaten path.”  HP from @ThatUnknownBlog (The Daily Sunlight blog) pointed out, “Yep, don’t plan everything (like a perfect itinerary type). Leave some things unplanned and you might end up having the best time ever. Life is full of surprises.” When was the last time you landed somewhere and just lost yourself in the moment?

Tip 5 – Say YES to Travel Points

Remember the American Express slogan, “Membership has it’s privileges”? Their ad campaign began in the 80s, was 100% spot on and still rings true today. My last and most important tip is to focus on travel memberships. Pick a favorite carrier, hotel chain and have at least one credit card that accrues miles. This will almost guarantee free seating upgrades and hotel stays. Take my word for it, more than 50% of my travel is upgraded to first, business class. Last summer, my daughter and I stayed the weekend in Clearwater, Florida for free and her airline tickets…. well, they were purchased with miles – they were free. Better ruins everything.

Do you have a favorite travel tip? Leave me a comment below. I love hearing from you!

Happy Advent and Happy Blogmas

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